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About Us


Welcome to our web boutique Downtown on 7th Ave, LLC.  We are the home of trendy handbags and accessories from some of your favorite designers as well as our own line of t-shirts, handbags and soon shoes.  Launching in 2008, our goal is to make sure we satisfy our shoppers in everyway; continuing to supply exclusive products you won't find anywhere else and making sure you receive superior customer service.  We are here to show the world that luxury doesn't just live on 5th Avenue....


Downtown on 7th Avenue is for the trend setter, the traveler, the business woman, the college student, the entrepreneur and we can't forget.... the world changer.  Thank you for daring to be different.


We now offer shipping options on all orders.  You may choose to have items delivered within 7-14 business days free of charge.   If you need items sooner we now offer standard-expedited shipping where you can have items within 2-5 business days for $7.95 USD.













































































































































































































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